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What Is A Non-Extradition Country?
So you're looking for a nice place to settle down, one where you can feel safe and keep your identity secret. And you need to make sure that country won't hand you over to another nation when asked. If this sounds like what you are looking for, you need to find a perfect option of a non-extradition country for yourself. Certain circumstances can lead you to look for such countries that are out of the limited authorities in your current resident country.

Lets us say you are running a business in the US, and the authorities here have made a new law that now claims your business illegal. Whether you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law or facing some deep troubles with local mafia clubs, there are many cases where finding a non-extradition country will become your only option. In such cases, when a person finds a country that does not extradites, he or she cannot be deported to his or her own country for any crime committed.

Being able to stay at one such place for life and even get citizenship will prove a safe place for you to settle down and start a family. In simple terms, a non-extradition country is a place where the state neither violates nor acknowledges the legal power of other states or jurisdictions in dealings with each other that would otherwise be lawful within their boundaries but contrary to international law if conducted outside them. A non-extradition country is a state or place where no extradition treaty exists with the country of residence.

Though, some countries and states that have signed the treaty in question have not ratified it and thus, protect the rights of foreigners who are residents in those countries. Some non-extradition states do not recognize an extradition treaty if one does not exist between them and their country of origin. So, whether you want to enjoy the peaceful environment of Vietnam or the luxurious living standards of Russia, there are different options for you. But, first of all, you need to learn more about some of the most beautiful places ideal for non-extradition people.

Working on An Extradition Treaty​

According to the Extradition Treaty, an individual cannot be transferred from one state to another for trial or punishment. Such individuals are divided into two groups – one who are subject to prosecution and those who are only subject to custody. In addition, an individual will be deemed not extraditable if he is the head of state, a diplomatic agent, or any person whose extradition is politically objectionable, as decided by the head of state.

In certain exceptional cases where two countries have no extradition treaty in place, there may still be grounds for extradition. The 'Principle of Specialty' suggests that a person should be tried only regarding matters covered by the description of his offense given in the extradition request. This principle is considered when a non-extradition country tries to refuse a request. According to the 'Principle of Speciality,' only in these very special circumstances would the person not automatically be tried in his country of origin.

A travel document issued by a foreign state for travel within its territory does not constitute an extradition request since it does not mean that the state is requesting that the accused person be tried for having committed a crime there. However, if he enters that foreign country to commit any offense against that state, he will be deemed as having committed an offense there.

Does Every Country Follow Extradition Treaty?​

Well, the answer to this question is more complicated. However, there are many cases where even countries with an existing extradition treaty with the US have denied their claims for extradition. Few countries have not accepted or ratified the treaty when it comes to such treaties. A total of 107 countries have an extradition treaty with the US, which still leave many countries with no such agreement with the US. Some of the popular non-extradition countries are Cuba, Iran, Russia, Syria, and many states of The Gulf and Africa.

Though these countries have no extradition treaty with the US, there is no guarantee that these countries will not just hand over a person for a reward or in the act of goodwill. Countries like Iran and North Korea never accede to any extradition requests from other nations unless for some political leverage. When you think of a non-extradition country, you want to be protected from your own country's authorities. So it is always better to look for a country with no extradition treaty with your own country.

Finding A Perfect Non-Extradition Destination​

The number of countries without extradition treaties is not very high compared to the number of countries that do have extradition treaties. However, finding one of these places is not as difficult as it seems. You can easily find a perfect non-extradition country by narrowing out some factors in the first place. To help you make better choices for yourself, try to look for these factors while finding the best non-extradition countries:

Look For The Geography
You need to understand the basic geography of your country and look for countries that are not very close to it. The closer the country is to your own, the more chances of extradition. Large geographical boundaries don't mean that you have to travel across to the other side of the glove. But at least try to avoid neighboring countries. The extradition process is often seen as more straightforward and faster with neighboring nations.

So, if you want a safe stay while being on hide-out, at least do not choose any neighboring country. Additionally, try to look for small-sized countries with smaller populations because, again, a bigger population comes with higher chances of identification among people. Always stick to your main motive, that is, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to yourself.

No Extradition Treaty With Your Own Country
When you start searching for non-extradition states, you need to be aware of some places that don't want any extradition treaty. Have a clear idea about this factor while looking around such beautiful places. For example, countries like Japan, India, and Brazil do not have any such treaty with the US. Another reason to look for non-extradition countries is to seek asylum or permanent residence status. To get this, you need to have a suitable place to stay in peace and enjoy the climate.

Security System And Law Enforcement
When it comes to security, make sure that the country has well-defined laws regarding the handling of prisoners. The countries should have proper legislation that clearly defines such crimes as homicide, kidnapping, etc. In addition, the country should have a very advanced and well-equipped security system that can ensure the safety of everyone in the nation.

With an efficient police force, you will never fall prey to crime or physical attack. To keep you safe, the country should have strict laws to punish the wrongdoers. You should also look for an effective court system that can provide speedy trials with fair justice. It is always better when prisoners are sentenced immediately after being convicted.

Living Standards​

When it comes to living standards, you need to look for a country with no poverty. Poverty is always a cause for concern and is often the reason for migration in searching for better opportunities. If your country has a well-developed sound infrastructure and enough housing options, then you will never have to worry about your security while staying there.

When it comes to the source of income, the government should provide employment opportunities through various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors that can provide ample income. If you want to find a non-extradition country, look for a place where procedures are very transparent, and no price tags are attached. For example, many governments offer monetary rewards to informants that blow the whistle on any wanted fugitive's whereabouts.


You need to find a culturally diverse place. Some people prefer countries where people speak languages similar to their own. But everyone has his preference, and it is very important to find a place with a wide cultural diversity. You can also look for countries having low crime rates because you want your stay to be as peaceful as possible.

The best places to hide from your own country's authorities are countries like Germany, Austria, and Denmark, which show a good relationship with the United States of America and still have extradition treaties in place. These countries have high population density, resulting in higher crime rates than low populated areas.

The quickest way of finding a non-extradition country is to look for the states that have not signed an extradition treaty with the US. Contrary to popular belief, it is not very difficult to find such countries with extremely small populations. If you have already checked out your geographical vicinity and found no neighboring countries, then it's time for you to move to your new home. In addition, ensure that the country does not have any terrorist activities or pose any threat to your physical safety.

Why You Need A Non-Extradition Country?​

As mentioned above, if you face some legal issues in your country and do not want to be deported to your country of origin, it is always better to find a non-extradition country. Many circumstances could lead you to a situation where you need to look for such options. Some of these situations include:
  • You have committed a crime in your country and are afraid of being sent back to your own country.
  • You have left your home country to escape drug cartels and mafia organizations.
  • Got caught up in some illegal activities in your home country and want to escape from that situation for good.
  • If you are strolling with evils, it is better to take the safer route.
  • You want to settle down peacefully in a neighborhood with no extradition treaty with the US.
  • For US residents, the sad news is that the US has extradition ties with over hundreds of nations. But the world is not that small, and you still have many options to get cover from authorities. The process for national governments of non-extradition countries is "voluntary," but in reality, it does not happen this way. Therefore, your best option would be to look for a country with no extradition treaty or agreement with your own country.

List of Best Extradition Countries​

If you are a US resident and are currently in some trouble with law enforcement authorities, there are high chances of looking for an easy way out. A country with a decent record of not accepting extradition requests to the US is your best way out of such situations. However, the United States is a powerful nation with global reach.

You can understand this because it has political extradition treaties with over 107 countries across the world. However, there are still many options left for you that can be the perfect hide-out place for you. Here take a look at some of the best non-extradition destinations for yourself:

1. Denmark
The Kingdom of Denmark is a constituent country that comprises Denmark proper, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. The sovereign state is located in Northern Europe. Denmark is one of the smallest countries in Europe, with a total area of 43,094 square kilometers. There were several cases when Denmark looked in the opposite direction on the extradition requests made by the US.

Additionally, this country is recognized by global organizations like the UN for its peaceful, happy, and corruption-free environment. Beautiful natural scenic views with so much for you to explore on both individual and commercial levels, Denmark must be your top priority to settling down. If you are a businessman worried about your business, then Denmark is the perfect place to start from a new end.

2. Japan
Japan has a long history of being a haven for people looking to escape from their homeland or simply want a safer life elsewhere. Japan has been considered a place of asylum because it doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United States.

The non-extradition policy of this nation can be traced to the Middle Ages when the Japanese would harbor criminals seeking sanctuary. Although today's Japan is not a perfect country, it is still one of the best places to avoid extradition to the United States. So if you are under some legal troubles in your own country and looking for a safer place to stay, then Japan should be the first stop for you.

3. Russia
The Russian Federation, commonly referred to as the Russian Federation, is a federation of federal subject states. The United States has extradition treaties with all former Soviet republics, and Russia is just another one of them. However, this country faces no problem in extraditing people from its territory to other countries.

As far as people are concerned, this country does not have any historical record of harboring criminals for safe-keeping. So if you are about to fall into trouble with law enforcement authorities in your own country, then Russia will be one of the places you should consider trying out.

4. Brunei
Brunei is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Having no extradition treaty with the United States, this country doesn't have any problem surrendering its nationals to US authorities. So this could be your perfect place to hide in a touch of nature and is certainly an ideal place to hide from law enforcement authorities of your own country.

This country is quite peaceful when compared with countries that have had problems with prisoners escaping them. Additionally, it’s quite easy for you to get citizenship from Brunei and become a permanent resident. Getting this second citizenship will work as your backup option if things don't go as planned for you.

5. China
China is ranked first in terms of population, and one-fifth of the world's population resides within its borders, making it one of the most populated countries in the world. China has done well to prevent people from escaping from it even though it is a very powerful country. China is an active member of the Interpol, and there are no extradition treaties with countries outside of Asia.

The laws in this sovereign state are strict, and the government is willing to take action against anyone suspected of breaking them. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe place, you should consider China as your next destination.

6. Kuwait, Qatar & Oman
These three countries are part of the Middle East with a long history of not extraditing their nationals. If you are on an international flight, these three countries would be ideal places to get off the plane. These countries will be hard-pressed to send their people back to their country, and they will always find an excuse to allow their people to travel back. The hot weather in the Gulf States might seem too much to handle, but these countries can prove to be a great non-extradition option for you. A rich lifestyle, hundreds of skyscrapers, and a beautiful party destination sound like the perfect hideaway.

7. African Paradise - Ethiopia, Uganda, and Botswana
These three countries are African nations that have never extradited their nationals to the United States. This could be your best option to escape from the eyes of your own country. Apart from Ethiopia and Uganda, these two countries are stable with growing economies and home to many wealthy people.

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world. It is one of the most culturally diverse states in Africa. You will find very few countries as beautiful and full of natural resources as Ethiopia or Uganda. In addition, these states have a lawless society, which gives you the freedom that other non-extradition treaty countries don't provide.

These are some of the best countries for you to consider for your next mission to hide from the eyes of authorities. Countries with strong extradition treaties have a long history of extraditing criminals to the United States. Therefore, it is high time you start considering these non-extradition treaty countries as your haven to hide from authorities in your own country.

Final Words​

Suppose you are a US citizen and thinking about leaving the country or are an immigrant and looking for a way to stay away from immigration authorities. In that case, your next destination should be one of these non-extradition treaty countries. It will take you some time to read all the points mentioned in each article, but you will find out what your options are when you do. First, you must be aware more of the true state of different options of non-extradition countries.

Frequently Asked Question
• What is extradition?

Extradition is the formal request by one country to another for the return of a criminal or fugitive. For example, when a criminal flees the country to escape prosecution, extradition is the legal request for their return.
• What happens after I leave my country?
It is very difficult to escape extradition when laws are in place in both countries. Certain crimes or circumstances may be considered crimes or offenses punishable by law enforcement authorities in both countries.
• Is it possible to stay on the run forever?
No. It is important to remember that there is no guarantee that you will not be extradited once you are in a country or after some time.
• What can I do if I have been charged with a crime?
You can talk to an attorney who specializes in extradition and has experience dealing with extradition cases so that they can plan your next move. The best thing to do is hire an extradition lawyer immediately if you think you are being investigated for a crime committed outside the US border.
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