Wyoming LLC for dropshipping


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I am a Belgian resident and I'm planning to do dropshipping in the USA. I also have some other websites generating ad revenue.
I am planning to create a Wyoming LLC for my business. Is this a good idea? Will this work?

I am also planning to buy some rental properties in the USA later and on the long term even immigrate to the USA.

I want to know if you can give me some advice.
I'm also worried about opening a bank account and a PayPal account.

The easiest way to open a bank account seems to just fly to the US and open one. I've also read Transferwise works as well, is this recommended?

Do I need to have a SSN to open a business paypal account? Or can I just provide an EIN/ITIN for my paypal business account?

Belgium has ridiculous high taxes and it is difficult to open a company here.

Any advice is welcome


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Yes you need SSN to open a US paypal account.
Apart from that you should check how Belgium would consider this company.