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  1. sebastian

    If VPN is not make your internet anonymous how simply do?

    I've read many posts here where VPNs are constantly mentioned, and it's said that using a VPN is not secure at all for remaining anonymous on the internet. Alternatives exist, but it seems to me that you have to be an ultra computer nerd who sits in a cave 24/7 doing nothing but coding your...
  2. A

    AMA: I've made a mobile app (App Store & Google Play) with in-app purchases and it's anonymous

    Hello! I wouldn't want to overestimate my experience, but I thought about giving something back to this fantastic community. I have at last managed to publish a mobile app for iOS and Android through App Store and Google Play. The app has in-app purchases, which have already been paying...
  3. clemens

    You want to setup fully privacy protected offshore company?

    Sorry for the headline, but I needed your attention! How will you cope with setting up a company where anonymity and privacy is 95% protected? So far I have only managed to find 1 place in the world where it can be done - of course without a bank account. But Switzerland cannot be the only...
  4. IwishIwasRich

    Question How do I set up a fully anonymous LLC/Holding Co.?

    So, basically I want a fully anonymous company that I can register for online. I don't want anyone else holding my company (or at least not without being sure the company is not gonna get stolen). The company itself will operate as a normal Holding Company/a company Selling online services. I...
  5. C

    Questions about anonymous New Mexico/Wymoing LLC + some kind of bank/EMI in Canada and taxes

    I'm looking to form a single-member New Mexico/Wyoming LLC for privacy purposes (conceal name from public registry, technically its fine if banks or other legal institutions know about it although concealing the ownership as much as possible would be ideal) and to limit exposure to any potential...
  6. bubbledouble

    How to setup anonymous company offshore?

    I know all the methods in mentor group gold already. Brilliant solutions for most of what I have been in need of. What I'm out for is to find a legitimated setup where I can stay off any records and still receive payments to an EMI or bank account.
  7. R

    Advice on setups to hide income

    Hello, I'm new to all of this, and this forum has been of much interest to me, It seems like a great resource for like minded people. So I've been doing research on how to keep my main income under the radar with the local tax authorities in my country of residence (Iceland). I'm currently...
  8. B

    E.U. Company where Director is not public

    Hello, I would like to set up a company within the European Union, such as a LTD in Ireland (or UK, even though not E.U. anymore) but where the director / owner is not shown in a online register (such with UK.) Do you know any company formation in the E.U. where the director is not public? If...
  9. J

    Start offshore company

    Hey I would like to have some help registering a company offshore but stay 100% anonymous and I wouldn’t know what documents I would need to do that. If you would like to help me please reply
  10. jakonda

    Cyprus to publish ultimate beneficial owner list of its money offshore accounts

    According to Reuters Cyprus is planing to launch a register in coming months identifying the owners of companies on the island, this is un-freaking-believable. Would love to hear comments from esteemed colleagues from offshorecorptalk...
  11. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Will PayPal lock my account

    Hello OffshoreCorpTalk I'm planning on creating a PayPal account with fake details with a Visa gift card and receiving 80 payments of $7,000. Will PayPal lock my account for this? I'd also like to know how I could anonymously transfer this money to my bank account.
  12. EliasIT

    How to create an anonymous bank account for PayPal?

    Can someone please enlight me to how I can setup some anonymous bank account or EMI that will work wonders with PayPal stealth accounts? I really need a finish solution, I found already something in the MG group but I don't figure it out how to do it myself.
  13. blizz

    Need fast and anonymous Windows VPS!

    I'm in urgent need for a fast, anonymous but reliable Windows VPS with remote control on. What are the companies offering this? and what are the costs?
  14. O

    Question Non-Operating New Mexico LLC for Domain Ownership Requirements

    I am planning to create an LLC/corporation as cheaply as possible, with virtual office/mail forwarding address and all the additional services included, so that this entity can appear as the contact in all the WHOIS information for the domains I currently own. My current domain registrar...
  15. H

    Semi-anonymous bank account?

    Cheers! Looking for online banking service with simple ID verification. Not possible to connect a local bank account, video or bulletproof verification methods. Selfie + ID is OK. Preferably with debit card too. Any ideas? PM me with useful information and I'll reward you. Thanks!
  16. O

    Id2020.org - Goverment total control Plan

    Hello, goverment are trying to control using covid and for this year probaly they will launch: "id2020"what it is basically a "international id" in app with biometrics, all the bank accounts, all the credit cards, medical information, vaccines, houses, taxes, etc EVERYTHING, very probably this...
  17. B

    what is DARK SETUP ?

    I want to know about dark setup. could anybody tell me where can I get the information.
  18. M

    Offshore company with bank account

    Dear All, I would like to form a company with a following specs: The product is a self made aluminium parts (special parts for diff cartypes). The costumer will be located in the EU , so most of the costumers will pay with paypal in EUR. ( need a bank account) There is no need for import...
  19. S

    Offshore company and bank account creation for crypto arbitrage

    Hey guys! Im new to the forum. I arrived when looking for solutions for a problem hopefully you´ll have some advice on how to solve. I´ve working with crypto in Venezuela since 2016. It has provided many opportunities for financial freedom in a environment as hostile a dictatorship. For some...
  20. O

    Anonymous ownership

    What are good structures for anonymous ownership in Europe? Esp UK solutions and US LLC? I am especially thinking of control so that it would be difficult for debtors etc. to gain control of the assets of my companies