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  1. I

    Perfect Money?

    I was searching for a banking provider or something similiar that doesn't require KYC, and the only thing I found for a while was Crypto currency, but then after some digging around I found this service called Perfect Money and registered an account with them, and they seem legit imo, bcz they...


    Introduction: A Permanent and long-term service, based on fully customized steps, highest levels of anonymity, noncomplex solutions that readily functions within jurisdictions regardless of restrictions, demographics, business and services category, private consumer needs, High Net-worth...
  3. fabian9000

    Looking for low KYC EMI/Bank

    Hi, This is my situation. I manage a company registered in UK. It's a LTD company and has been registered for few years. I am not in share holders or any other place noted as a managing director. Basically, my name is no where to be seen on any document. Owner and founder of the LTD is no where...
  4. 3

    Celcius posting now all KYC'ed names who lost money

    how funny :D :D :D
  5. AMD

    WTF ID verification & KYC for Youtube channel!!

    I just wanted to create a Youtube channel for some home project, after account creating and setting up the channel I was faced with KYC by YouTube :D They want Video verification, ID and more - WTF is going on here???
  6. P

    Question LLC or Structure to trade Crypto with KYC/AML

    I want to trade crypto freely but i don't want to be exposed with KYC/AML procedures, i am NOT interested in any fiat-banking, just trading crypto with USDT, USDC and altcoins, are there any solutions for it, i know there are DEXes but honestly the liquidity is terrible. Thanks in advance.
  7. M

    Question Which banks accept which offshore locations?

    Hi, I am a long time lurker here and finally I need to open a personal account for my stash - whose origin would be dividends from offshore companies, of different jurisdictions - while I myself am an EU citizen. I've seen many threads here discussing various banks - but I don't know, which of...
  8. K

    Any Experience of Georgia Bills for KYC?

    I am hoping that someone here has experience getting bills with name and address in Tbilisi for foreign crypto exchange and EMI KYC. Some people say that BoG bank statements are better than TBC. Others say that you can get a better statement (with address and transactions) with TBC Status...
  9. E

    Offshore Company to avoid KYC Binance for US citizens

    Hello all, I am interested in creating a company in UAE as an American Citizen. Ideally use this company for enterprise trading on Binance et.al. I would then make myself an employee of this compay and pay myself a US taxable salary while the investment gains / losses are absorbed or reinvested...
  10. carlosbl

    AML / KYC compliance course recommendation

    Hi to all, I would like to do an AML / KYC compliance course. Any recommendation? I do not need a master's degree or an advanced course, it is not my intention to work as a Compliance Officer, only to expand knowledge. In the game of the financial universe, the AML / KYC compliance is the...
  11. GendalfB

    Question Crypto to fiat cash out

    Hello everyone. I have couple of banks in mind (Swiss and UAE) to set up account. Main purpose - cash out crypto to fiat. What is better: 1 - to be proactive and discuss with bank main purpose, show all the proof of legality of my crypto, solve all the possible questions upfront. To prevent...
  12. P

    Best (startup) ecommerce bank setup

    Hi guys, First of all, a warm thank you to all of the contributors and active members of this forum. I’ve learned valuable things while searching around in the forums. I have an ecommerce website where I sell digital goods. Average monthly turnover of restarting the activity will go around 2 to...
  13. burden

    Question Is it KYC or KYZ ?

    I have read a banks website they say they require KYZ documents to verify who you are. All over the forum I read KYC, what is it?
  14. W

    Looking to set up a Paypal business/company account.

    I'm looking to set up a paypal business account without using any ID/utility bill/et al. What would be the best way to go about this, and how much would you estimate that it would cost? I reckon the best way is to open a cheap shell company somewhere and use them to open a paypal account? Does...