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Aug 25, 2020
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Introduction: A Permanent and long-term service, based on fully customized steps, highest levels of anonymity, noncomplex solutions that readily functions within jurisdictions regardless of restrictions, demographics, business and services category, private consumer needs, High Net-worth Individuals, startups and corporate structures alike.

Services and setups herein elaborated upon, strictly aligns with an intention to deliver a superior channel to client requests, individual setup needs, alongside unique solutions, long-term use, profitability scaling, client satisfaction as well as strategic partnerships etc.

DIRECT EMAIL: [email protected]


High risk processor services:
covering categories as IPTV, CBDs, SARMS, PHARMA, Gaming, replica goods, electronic goods, VPS, Servers and related Items/services…

OPSEC FEATURES: Verified business high-risk merchant acct + VCC Debit card 20k daily online purchase capability…ADD-ON (Fully verified Crypto Emi for cash-outs in crypto).
Setup covers services and item categories considered as high-risk goods/items/services globally.

Setup Pack includes: fully verified Business merchant processor, website API Integration, email Payment Links, subscription, recurring payments, VCC debit Card in name of business, email logz, online merchant access logz, settlement of funds, crypto cash-outs only, monthly processing of 30k Euros, RR 2%-5%, Per transaction fees 0.5%, refund fees 0.10 cents, MDR 3.2%, card fees 0.90cents.

Setup indices: 30days Max setup duration, direct Forum Pm, direct email, VCC Validity 1- 3years, customized entity name optional. crypto EMI as an Add-on. Non-fiat capability: cash out via
VCC debit card or crypto only).
Payments Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively)

Crypto Emi.gif

Verified Crypto Emi: Top-Tier Verified crypto platform enabling crypto asset conversion, P2P services, trading pairs. Etc.

Setup parameters covers crypto related services, crypto assets conversions, swapping of crypto assets, P2P capabilities.

Setup pack includes: KYC, KYB, POA, Certs Utility bills, Logz and access, Crypto VCC card ADD-ON for online purchases, personal/private/ business Crypto Emi accts.

Setup Indices: 30days Max setup duration, direct pm via forum, direct email, personal acct& Business Acct.

Payments Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively).


Emi Accounts: Fully setup Emi accts. personal and business acct types. enabling incoming and outgoing transactions via SWIFT/SEPA/ACH channels

Setup parameters funding transactions, incoming and outgoing TRX, payments and invoicing of services and goods globally, multi-currency accounts.

Setup pack includes: POA, KYC, KYB, Certs, Utility bills, private/corporate/business accounts.

Setup Indices: 30days Max setup duration, direct pm via forum, direct email.
Payments Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively).


PayPal Accts: Duly verified PayPal accounts, personal and business use case scenarios. profiles for incoming and outgoing channels, P2P capacity.

Setup parameters enabling PayPal to PayPal acct, PayPal to debit card, PayPal to VCC debit card, bank account to PayPal.

Setup pack features: POA, KYC, KYB, Certs, Utility Bills, personal/business acct, logz and access.

Setup Index: 30days Max setup delivery duration, direct pm via forum, direct email.

Payments Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively).


P2P SERVICES: Crypto to Fiat channels and Pick Ups globally, user channels crypto and receives equivalent via direct pick up.

Services parameters allowing for channeling/conversions of crypto to cash transfers,20% Fees, minimum crypto transfer amount 500$.

Services pack features: No KYC, crypto fees per TRX, Receiver details, TRX code/pin.

Services Index: 24hr-72hrs delivery per TRX, direct pm via forum, direct email.

Payments Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively).

Non Residence Banking..png

NON-RESIDENT BANK ACCTS: Banking services for the multinational client/biz entity. intending to bank and transact legally, initiate savings facility/parking funds in a bank account in a jurisdiction other than current domicile. (Bank Accts Syncs with Crypto Emi for Fiat to Crypto/Crypto to Fiat).

Services Parameters enables incoming international transactions into acct globally via Swift Facility, savings and investments accounts, stand-alone Global acct option+ Global debit card.

Service pack features: KYC,3months bank statements, certified Proof of address, certified proof of income, NR declaration, certified passport copy.

Service Index: 20days max setup duration. direct pm via forum, direct email.

Payment Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively).

Highlimit Crypto Card.gif

High limit crypto re-loadable VCCs services: Crypto re-loadable VCC for online use and purchases globally, non-OTP, anon usage.

Service parameters allows for online purchases, website usage, online global orders.

Service features: minimum 1k-20k max re-loadable limits, daily online purchases of 10k,1-3year validity, CVV, 20% re-loadable fees, Bin No, Exp Date.

Setup Index: 15days Max setup delivery duration, direct pm via forum, direct email.

Payments Channel: (Monero Crypto (XMR) Specifically/Exclusively).

Setup And Services Keynotes
Direct Mail for quotes and conditions.

Costs and setup fees non-negotiable.

Payments via Crypto MONERO (XMR ONLY).
Services Restrictions

Non-ready-made packages: all services and setup specs are from the ground up & customized towards the required use case.

NON-Refundable Services.

Services listed above, not available to users/members residents in US/CA.

NON-VPN based setups.

Costs of setups are non-negotiable.

PM for quotes and fees Via Direct Mail.

DM/Direct email Only.

All Setups and Services must be paid for prior to service delivery.

30 DAYS Max Setup service duration. (Where-in required expedited services at a standalone quote).

Disclaimer Notice

No Service presence on 3RD PARTY Emails/Social handles, Telegram

No External Chats, ICQ, SKYPE, SIGNAL etc.….

Listings And Services provided Strictly Via the OCEEETEEE Forum PM

As Well As Direct DM.

Setup Restricted Only to Specific Jurisdictions.


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