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  1. bizman

    If Wise is going to close accounts and is not the best, how diversify the money?

    What EMI's would you suggest as good alternatives and to spread your risk? This is for a EU company which is unable to open a real bank account with a real bank? We have the Revolut which people are satisfied with, but are there others? And how would you rate Revolut for business activity in...
  2. bluelama

    Questions about anonymous UK LTD for french resident + some kind of Online Banks to store cash for Ecom business.

    Hello everyone, i've been reading since last year but never posted. My question is about how to keep working and generating profits from here (french resident) with a UK LTD. My accountant told me something about the UK gov not communicating with the french gov, and told me it's ok for me to do...
  3. B

    Is it possible to make Revolut Bussiness UK or US for non UK/US/EU citizens

    Im wondering is it possible to make stable Revolut Bussiness account through UK LLD(1st formations) or with US LLC(I have american SSN if that can help). I'm from Europe but its not supported in my country.
  4. S

    Seeking Information on Exchanger for Converting Revolut Balance to BTC

    Hello fellow forum members, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently exploring options to exchange my Revolut account balance into cryptocurrencies like BTC or other similar assets. I'm particularly interested in finding an exchanger or P2P exchange that allows for a straightforward...
  5. D

    Revolut account from Turkey.

    Hi. I want to open an account from Revolut. It accepts Turkish phone number but in the later stages it does not list Turkey in residence list. Thats where I am stuck. Can I open an account from Revolut from Turkey - if not can I use Delaware company numbers for that purpose? Revolut support...
  6. SoNewToAllShit

    I have Wise account, what are similar neobanks?

    The title already say it, what are similar neobanks / emi's like Wise? I don't just want to depend on one alone, you know, never put all your eggs in the same basked. Accounts are opened for European companies!
  7. chren

    Question Revolut alternative recommendation? (Greece self-employed)

    Hi, as many of you might know Revolut is transferring to a Bank on Jul 1, 2022. I have been using it up until now to get paid for my regular job, did not report in my - pretty expensive - jurisdiction (Greece, I am also a resident) so far because it rarely surpasses USD 4k / month, coming from...
  8. B

    Help with opening Revolut account

    Hello everyone, Does anyone here have a solution or suggestion to help open a business account with Revolut. I contacted them to open a business account, but the problem is that they require that the person reside in Europe or have European citizenship. I have acompany in EU but i'm not from...
  9. O

    Revolut and dividend sent from a LT account to private revolut as dividend

    Does anyone have experience with sending dividend from you business account in LT for a UAE company into your private revolution account? aprox 5-10 k euro per transaction. Problems with that? or has it been working fine as adress on revolut is on Malta and Malta laws allow no tax on income...
  10. 5K1PP3R

    Revolut business requires proof of domain ownership, what to do?

    Our domain belongs to some old company which may not even exists now. What are we supposed to do? Cook up invoices and screenshots? Will they really suspend our account because of this nonsense? They are have already suspended our account because they don't understand wtf is stripe and keep...
  11. Vladtepes

    Question UK Ltd + Stripe + Revolut Business Acccount for Non Residents

    Hello, Can I open a business account with Revolut for a UK Ltd if the director is non-resident and lives in Venezuela? or does Revolut not accept company accounts of directors resident in Venezuela? Personal accounts from Venezuela are not accepted by Revolut but I'm not sure what happens with...
  12. marlinpro

    Revolut - N26 - Bitcoin for people not living in Europe anymore

    Hey guys, Is there anyone out there using any electronic bank like Revolut or N26 even though they are no longer European residents? I am planning to leave Europe and I wonder if they actively check if you are still a resident or not. I could keep an active address in Europe but I guess that...
  13. boomy

    Revolut holds a banking license, do you trust or not?

    I know that Revolut holds a banking license in the UK https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-11/revolut-applies-for-u-k-banking-license-in-search-for-expansion But I also know what people say about all the new rich Russians that own banks and financing corps worldwide to launder their...
  14. chren

    Getting paid in Revo account - will I get in trouble?

    Hey people, first of all, disclaimer - I am very much a layperson when it comes to taxation and banking. So, in 2019 I started working for a US-based company and since they weren't willing to give me a contract, I have been getting paid in my standard revolut account. I am a resident of...
  15. T

    Paysera, Revolut, TransferWise and tax

    Hello, I am EU citizen and I'm starting some affiliate marketing job in order to generate some side income. I have my regular job so I don't want to receive payouts from my side job on my regular bank account because of the taxes. I own Paysera, Revolut and TransferWise accounts and my question...
  16. jakonda

    Revolut - money laundering ?

    I don't know if this can affect Revolut account holders but they are accused of violating banking rules. This can be a big hit for them if it is true. Digital bank Revolut's money laundering lapse exposed I don't remember exactly who it was, but someone (quite active) at this forum was...
  17. Rachel Brown

    Revolut - rant, very poor customer service

    Okay guys. There you go. The account was aged (at least 12 months old) and I have used it for some small transactions and to pay some bills online (especially after entropay went down). So I would say I did not use my Revolut account that much and I was under 1000 euro total for 12 months and I...
  18. M

    Best Bank/EMI for multicurrency account & exchange

    Hey there, i am wondering which bank or emi is most suitable for sending/receiving payments in multiple currencys and which has as an optimum an integrated foreign currency exchange. Main currencys i want be able to handle are EUR, USD, GPB and YEN. If more currencys are supported that would be...
  19. extremedox101

    is revolut card 3d secure ?

    hi i read revolut issue virtual cards , what about plastic card are they 3d secure enabled ? not sure what the difference between travel cards and prepaid cards when cashing out at ATM worldwide --- does prepaid cards widely accepted ? thanks
  20. E

    Experience with Revolut increasing over 15'000 EUR limit? With whom they share this info?

    If you use payment processor Revolut, then you are obliged to provide source of funds when you increase the limit over 15'000 EUR. Question - with whom this information will be shared if it is approved and limits are raised? What are the risks? And is Revolut subject to CRS reporting standard...