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  1. B

    Changes to UK company laws from may

    Hope it's not a duplicate post but just saw this on gov.uk https://changestoukcompanylaw.campaign.gov.uk/changes-at-a-glance/ Seems like formations and maintanace will become much more strict and no longer be so fast and loose . Any other EU countries that makes it easy to own remotely...
  2. O

    UK LTD or Estonian OU in light of ATAD 3

    Which of those 2 would you recommend for someone looking to set up an offshore company structure (territorial country tax resident here so don't have to worry about european PE rules that make an offshore structure impossible) when it comes to ease of conducting business? Obviously 0% corporate...
  3. Creocree

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Companies with EMI for sale (100% Anonymous)

    1. UK LTD with EMI + BUSINESS VISA (100% Anonymous) You get: Incorporation documents, UTR number, Memorandum & Articles Scanned nominee documents (Real not fake): Passport + utility bills. European director and shareholder UK phone number, additional KYC available. Available: Additional EMI...
  4. StealthsNET

    SOLD [Sold] UK LTD Setup with EMIs and Payment processor (Documents included)

    Hi, currently 1 UK LTD company available for sale. It's completely stealth, you don't need to share any info. Here is the list of what is included: Company UK LTD company (founded in September 2023) documents: incorporation certificate, UTR number RapidFormations login details Company director...
  5. C

    Please help! UK LLP with a LTD or US LLC as a partner (legit business)

    Hi! I work as a freelance with tax residency in the Czech Republic (been there for over 7 years), but I am orignally from another EU member estate. I need to invoice to an Irish client for my IT consultancy services through a company in the EU or the UK. They do not accept a US LLC. I invoice...
  6. bluelama

    Questions about anonymous UK LTD for french resident + some kind of Online Banks to store cash for Ecom business.

    Hello everyone, i've been reading since last year but never posted. My question is about how to keep working and generating profits from here (french resident) with a UK LTD. My accountant told me something about the UK gov not communicating with the french gov, and told me it's ok for me to do...
  7. clemens

    Looking for ready-made Cyprus or UK LTD, who to trust?

    Been around the forum for years, most often I have dealed with reliable people here but they tend to disappear after some time. Who is a reliable provider of ready-made companies for Cyprus and UK ? I'm up for purchasing 3 entities in total in a mix.
  8. Z

    Two non-resident directors Salary options | UK Ltd

    Hi there, We're two non-resident directors/shareholders residing in the Middle East and we have company incorporated in the UK with virtual office, there is no P.E in UK or in the country we're residing. According the double taxation treaty, we will only pay UK CIT unless there is P.E in the...
  9. clemens

    Switzerland Holding Company owning UK LTD, where to pay tax?

    I maintain and run a dozen companies. One of our setups is a Switzerland Holding company that own 100% of the shares in the UK LTD - it is registered as a daughter company. How is it taxed, in Switzerland or in the UK ? All activity goes out from Switzerland!
  10. TheAverageGuy

    "Pretend to" game UK LTD

    Pretend you are UK resident, and you have an LTD. This LTD is going very well and is doing good business. You've already took the amount of divided+ salary that will be tax efficient for you personal income taxation. Same have been done by your co-director. At the end of the fiscal year that...
  11. N

    Any experts on taxation of non resident UK LTD/LPP or US LLC?

    Hi I am a non resident of UK and US, currently what I need is to optimize my taxable income personally and via my present company in my country. So what I currently also need is for this new formed company to have access to services like PP/Stripe, Wise business acount as well. Starting in 2023...
  12. koohl

    Mass registration of UK LTD's who can provide?

    We need 25 UK LTD over the next months for our testing and production environment, you may have read my thread already, so before you ask why I need so many, read the thread. Do you know who can do the job and not too pricy?
  13. bountymounty

    What's the url to lookup UK LTD's ?

    I would need to lookup a few UK LTD's is there a url to the public register of companies in the UK to do that?
  14. L

    Got a call from Payoneer (and they got a call from Stripe)

    So I'm currently residing in East Asia where Stripe service is not supported. I've joined Stripe using my Payoneer account (Australian) as a PG for my online-course website. Signing up for Stripe was pretty straightforward: My brother lives in Australia so I used his home address and for the...
  15. HansPosse

    Anyone have experience with iQompany?

    I came across an ad on this forum at www.iqomp.com. Does anyone have experience with this website?
  16. cer955

    UK company as "payment gateway" for UAE company?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for support or consulting about the possibility to open a UK LTD to allow my UAE company to access Stripe, Wise and other mainstream services. Perfect setup would make all the cash-flow transit through the UK company, directly flowing in the UAE company. Then, UAE...
  17. cer955

    UK LLP for a UAE resident - Good for Wise and Stripe?

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of getting UAE residency (Dubai) with a freezone company. As far as I understood, banking here is pretty hard, so I would like to open another company in an easier and more supported country such as UK LLP. What I'm interested in, is having access to: -...
  18. A

    UAE resident + UK LLC / LLP / LTD

    Hello everyone, I came to Dubai, made a company in Dubai Freezone, but no banks are going to open a corporate bank account for me. Briefly about myself: - Belarus passport - I have good statements (~600k USD / 6months) from the bank account in Georgia and EMI (PayPal) - Sphere: online...
  19. G

    UK - reduction of automatic exchange of information with the EU

    Beginning with this year, the UK has significantly reduced the scope of information that's being shared with the EU. The HMRC decided to drop the DAC6 reporting of cross-border arrangements almost entirely, to only arrangements with hallmarks of category D (arrangements that involve...
  20. G

    US LLC + UK LTD + PE in a 3rd country

    What are the tax implications if an UK LTD is holding an US LLC, the LLC is non-ETBUS, and both are managed from a) 3rd country that doesn't have a tax treaty with the US and the UK b) 3rd country that doesn't have a tax treaty with the US but has with the UK In the case a) will the LLC be...