Bank account for venezuela citizen


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Hi everybody. I am looking to open a bank account for my company in seychelles however I got rejected when i applied with Mauritius, Belize, Panama Seychelles and Swiss banks (i had before account with cim banque however they closed it last year without any notice) . I know other colleagues with companies created in cyprus, bvi, panama, nevis, etc and they were not able to open bank accounts so far regardless of the activities. Is there any jurisdiction currently accepting venezuelan clients? The only feedback i receive from banks is that the apllication is not in line with their risk policy... I understand that venezuela is a high risk country but is still not a sanctioned country so i am trying to figure out how to open the account. Thanks in advance for your help and comments


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Your best bet is probably in the region - Panama, Colombia, possibly some smaller states in Central America... Try some smaller banks and be straightforward with them. If even that won't work, then I don't know.

If you email a bank in Mauritius or Switzerland and tell them you are a Venezuelan with a Seychelles company, they'll probably just politely tell to f*** off. I think you were quite lucky if you had account where you had it (unless you had it opened for a long time like 5+ years or you had personal relationship there). I guess reopening it would be impossible.

It is difficult nowadays for everyone, let alone if you're from Venezuela.


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My account in cim banque was opened in 2014 and was for a bvi company. When gou say smaller staes in central america, could you please suggest any bank?


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Try banesco or banco mercantil in Panama or some banks in Nicaragua like Lafise or Credomatic


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doesn't BBVA own some banks in Venezuela ? Maybe you can try with BBVA but I agree ... venezuelan with offshore corp...almost mission impossible to open a bank account....why you don't hire a front man ?