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Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by ettoba, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. ettoba

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    Hi guys, im new here.
    I had plan to open online business and I need to register company and have bank account with it.
    Preferable without any visits around the globe. My online business is related to selling digital goods such are analytical data for e-commerce, keeping track of certain data for merchants etc.

    I noticed on link below that they offer bvi + cyprus bank account, but im wondering.. how is this done?
    How do they connect bank from one country with company in bvi? what am I suppose to do here? Do i need to register comapny in cyprus too?

    BVI Company Formation - We register your BVI company here
  2. auric

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    It's pretty easy to open an account in Cyprus for a BVI company, what exactly is it you don't understand?

    You only need to register a company in the BVI and let them open an account for your business with one of the banks they work with in Cyprus. It's not easy to open an account in Cyprus, just so you know, they most often ask alot of questions in the opening procedure.
  3. NeedFreedom

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    A lot of you advice Seychelle or BVI company with Cyprus account.

    My question is about payment provider as PayPal:
    Will it be easy to open a Business PayPal account with the Cyprus Bank account if the company is based in Seychelle or is it better to open 2co account?
    I don't know a lot 2co and would like to know if these guys will be ok to open an account for Seychelle company with bank account in Cyprus?
  4. Aiwiz

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    as per my experience, PayPal (registered in BVI) does not let to add any card which is not issued in Belize. The bank account the same.. Not sure how to handle it
  5. moneymaster

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    This is BVI not Belize! ??
  6. Aiwiz

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    my bad..
  7. Admin

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    It's possible to withdraw to a debit card with PayPal I assume that's how they do it.
  8. bountymounty

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    OP this is an old thread, did you found a solution for your problem? I was wondering, otherwise post here in the thread and I may have some valid solution for you ;)
  9. suzy

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    if OP found a solution I hope he will update the thread. Otherwise I can say that it is not a problem to setup a Company in the BVI and open a Cyprus bank account. Works fine. The paperwork required to setup a BVI Company is just crap.
  10. lostguy

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    mind to udate on what you figured out?