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Allow Dual Citizenship
For people thinking about living in another country, it's important to learn which countries allow dual citizenship. Dual citizenship grants a person the freedom to live and work in another country and their own. Some countries don't let foreigners hold multiple citizenship, while others have no restrictions on dual citizen status. If you are one of those people who like spending long holidays in new countries, then dual citizenship will help you save a lot in the long run.

Additionally, the modern trend of taking your business offshore for better opportunities also requires dual citizenship to save in taxes. By being a resident and legal citizen of a country, you can also look forward to saving tax money and making decent profits over time. However, getting dual citizenship is rather a tough nut to crack. But with some basic information about all available options and expert help, you can easily get to the safe zone.

Before you move through applying for citizenship or getting your second passport, you need to make a list of all your available options. For starters, you need to analyze all available countries that allow dual citizenship and those that do not; only then you can move ahead with getting your second passport. Once you are familiar with all your available options, you can move ahead with your finding the perfect second home for you or your business.

Countries That Permit Dual Citizenship​

People can't be citizens of just one country. The United States is home to millions of immigrants who want to live and work in America. Unfortunately, many countries do not allow dual citizenship. In most countries, they will be stuck in limbo without a passport. But if you want a second passport, you may have found the right country. Here's a list of countries you can target for getting your second citizenship in the first place;

The tiny country of Albania has made itself one of the most popular countries to get your second citizenship. An economy considered a developed economy also offers great benefits to both businessmen and tourists. Albania is a country that is still in the development stage, which means tons of opportunities for your business.

If you're looking for a comfortable vacation place where you enjoy living in Europe, Argentina is the perfect option. Argentina is considered one of Germany's best choices by many foreigners who want a second passport. Millions of citizens from other nations renounced their citizenship to become Argentinean residents.

One of the most popular countries in the world for getting dual citizenship, Australia is also one of the top countries for doing business if you are looking for a direct route to wealth. Rich lifestyle, beautiful natural places, beaches, and more are waiting for you in Australia. The best part, as per the laws of the Australian government, you can easily apply for second citizenship as an Aussie citizen.

Bangladesh is another country where many people want to live and work. The country is home to some of the best universities globally, and it also boasts of rich culture and heritage. So if you are willing to become a South Asian resident, Bangladesh is the ultimate option.

Belgium is known for being one of the most popular countries for many people who want to get their second passport, with great benefits to both tourists and business owners. If you're planning a holiday or even an investment trip to Belgium, you will certainly see many people with second citizenship having an amazing time there. Additionally, you will get yourself a strong European passport giving you visa-free access to other European nations.

Bolivia is one of the small but well-developed nations for opportunities for investors from other parts of the world. So if you are looking for an economic powerhouse that is still on the rise, Bolivia is the perfect option.

This culturally rich country has made it one of the most popular countries to get one of your second passports. Having dual citizenship has been legal for Brazilian citizens since 1994. However, those looking for fast methods to get citizenship from Brazil are getting citizenship through marriage. With its strict laws and customs, this tiny nation is considered one of the most developed countries when it comes to tourism and business resources.

One of the best countries to get a second passport from is Canada. The country has a rich history and heritage that makes it easy for any citizen from any part of the world to settle in this country. It is also considered one of the safest countries in all of North America for foreigners, making it easier for them to live there with their families. In addition, claims are made that Canada is ranked number one in the quality of life and business opportunities.

The beautiful South American country is not just attractive but also a prime investment destination. With its rich natural resources, Chile was considered one of the emerging market economies in 2007. For those who want to benefit from Chile's investment opportunities, this is the perfect place for you to get a second passport.

While Croatia is not your typical European country, it is considered one of the best places to get a second passport. You can get dual citizenship in this small Balkan nation by getting married to a Croatian citizen and applying for Croatian residency. This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of getting second citizenship with very little hassles.

If you want to enjoy wealth and luxury while living in Europe, then Cyprus is your perfect place of choice. The country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, making it a favourite for many people who live there for their second passports. In addition, Cyprus is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe, providing rich history and traditions for tourists who decide to visit there. Having a small population, this nation has been ranked as one of the richest countries in Europe for quite some time now because of its rich natural resources.

This Scandinavian country is one of the most preferred countries to get a second passport. Looking for an easy, hassle-free and fast way to get a second passport, Denmark is one of the best choices for those who want to gain citizenship from Europe. In addition, Denmark has a developed economy and offers a great lifestyle, making it one of the best places in the world for citizens worldwide.

Dominican Republic
This Caribbean nation is also one of the top islands in South America for getting citizenship. This wealthy nation offers more than just being a paradise for tourists. If you wish to settle down in the Caribbean, you will certainly have a great time there.

The Middle East holds a great deal of significance in the world. Though it is one of the most popular countries for people looking for second citizenship, it is still considered a high opportunity for investors from other parts of the world. In addition, it offers low taxes and great business opportunities that attract many people and tourists.

El Salvador
El Salvador is one of the best countries to get your second passport with its rich history and heritage. Home to beautiful beaches, this country has great tourist attractions and business opportunities that make it an ideal place for people who wish to get their second passport easily with minimum hassles and problems in acquiring this permission from the government.

If you are looking for a country that has not just good living standards but also some of the best physical beauty in all of Europe, then Finland is the one for you. With its beautiful forests and lakes and rich history, it's no wonder that Finland has become very popular for having second citizenship.

France is another country known to be one of the best countries in Europe, where many people aim to get their second passports. Located in the heart of Europe, this beautiful country offers everything from a luxurious lifestyle to fast business opportunities making it very popular among people worldwide.

As one of the most developed countries in all of Europe, Germany has a rich history that attracts people worldwide. Furthermore, the country is famous for its great culture and heritage, making it easy for many people to live there with their families without facing any problems associated with this second citizenship.

Seeking an economic powerhouse that allows investors from various parts of the world and skilled entrepreneurs to easily get their second citizenship through Greece. Having a fast-growing economy and plenty of business opportunities available, this Mediterranean nation is one of the most sought after countries by those who want to be an investor in Europe.

Another great European country to get a second passport through is Iceland. Like its neighbour, Norway, this country also has a rich history and culture that attracts many people to reside in this area. In addition, it is located in the centre of Europe and offers a climate that makes it a great choice for those looking to settle there with their families.

With no less than 6 million Jews living within its boundaries, Israel is a special place to live when you want to get yourself a second passport. Moreover, if you are looking for easy access to Israel and the Mediterranean Sea, this is the perfect place for you to choose as well!

If you want to experience a great deal of wealth in one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the Caribbean, then Jamaica is the best option for you. Moreover, this country is a popular choice for many looking for second passports with its tropical climate.

Luxembourg is a great country to choose from when it comes to fast and easy second passports. This country has a wealth of history, with many tourists coming here to learn more about its rich and glorious history.

With an amazingly rich culture, Malta is home to beautiful churches that are popular amongst Christians all over the world. Located at one end of Europe, this small but prosperous nation has many rich business opportunities and great tourist attractions, which make it a perfect place for those who want their second citizenship to be incredibly easy and hassle-free!

If you want to dip your feet on the sands of the Caribbean, then Mexico is the best place to go. This country offers great opportunities for tourists and investors looking to settle down in this place with their families.

New Zealand
Seeking a second passport in the South Pacific? New Zealand is the right place for you to settle down and live with your family. It's not just great history and culture but also offers a lot of business as well as opportunities in terms of tourism which makes it a popular choice for many people all over the world.

Yet another great option for a country that offers easy citizenship in Norway. This Scandinavian nation offers great business opportunities as well as beautiful natural scenery, which makes it an ideal place for many people to settle down with their families.

Panama is a beautiful country that offers tourists and investors many business opportunities and access to ports located in the Caribbean Sea and beyond. Furthermore, with its proximity to South America, this country is one of the most sought after places for people looking to get a fairly easy second citizenship from abroad!

With great weather and friendly people, the Philippines is one of the best places in Asia to get a second citizenship. It offers business opportunities as well as a high-quality lifestyle that makes it a great choice for many people who wish to move there with their families.

Known for its beaches, sun, and rich history, Portugal is one of the best countries where you can easily obtain citizenship by making a hefty investment in real estate in this country. Moreover, it offers not just economic growth but also lots of tourist attractions that make it an attractive destination for tourists worldwide.

So there you go. These countries will make your journey of getting a second passport easier. You must plan your trip well and find out all the available options for getting a second passport before getting there. With time and experience, you will learn more about all options open to making your life easier in the future. And above all, be optimistic about all the chances you will have if you apply for dual citizenship with these nations.

Countries That Don't Allow Dual Citizenship​

Whether you want a new market for your business or simply a safe living space for your family, dual citizenship is worth a shot for everyone. However, not every country supports dual citizenship in the first place. Here's a list of some countries where citizens are not allowed to have dual citizenship:

Andorran citizens looking to get second citizenship have to renounce their current citizenship first. However, there is always an option to get Andorran citizenship back by renouncing the new citizenship. As a foreigner, you need nothing to worry about as you need to spend long 20 years here to get citizenship through naturalization here.

Austria has a strict policy when it comes to dual citizenship. The government doesn't consider it a threat to its unity and integrity. You can get Austrian citizenship if you are an Austrian citizen of Austrian descent who permanently wishes to live in Austria.

Although this is one of the best places to set up a business, Bahrain doesn't give dual citizenship out of the blue. You need to qualify for this citizenship by fulfilling certain criteria, including your length of stay in Bahrain and your contribution to the economy of Bahrain.

Although this country has a one-child policy, it doesn't allow dual citizenship. This is because the government sees dual citizens as a threat to China's unity and integrity. While Chinese governments consider their citizens only Chinese, there are few restrictions on holding second passports.

Djibouti has a strong policy against dual citizenship. According to the law, those who are citizens of another country and wish to get Djibouti citizenship must renounce their current citizenship first.

Before requesting dual citizenship, there is a mandatory 10-year residency requirement to be fulfilled in the country you wish to get citizenship. While India prohibits dual citizenship, it has launched an Overseas Citizens of India program to meet rising demands.

Indonesia doesn't recognize dual citizenship; however, it can be granted if you have served in the Indonesian military.

Japan is the country with the toughest laws regarding multiple citizenships. For example, if a child holds dual citizenship due to birthrights, he/she is asked to pick one among the two. Additionally, there is a strict policy against dual citizenship, as it considers it an infringement on the sovereignty of Japan.

The Netherlands
Although the Netherlands is a great place to settle down and make your career, it doesn't allow dual citizenship. Instead, the laws of this country suggest that citizens must have sole allegiance to the Dutch government.

United Arab Emirates
While UAE doesn't directly reject dual citizenship, it might face many problems for its citizens who want to get a second passport in another country. Also, there is no guarantee that Dubai will accept a foreign key from its national. Therefore, it's always better to contact the embassy of the UAE before approving any such offer.

If you are planning to get a second citizenship, then cut off these countries from your list. While getting citizenship from these countries is a challenging task, they don't allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions​

• How to get a second passport?
The primary way of getting second citizenship is getting citizenship in another country by naturalizing. Additionally, you have the option of citizenship through marriage, investment or birthrights. There are different processes of getting dual citizenship based on different scenarios.

• Why should I get a second passport?
Second passports save you from the burden of double taxation on your income and assets. You can maintain citizenship in different countries without using it as an excuse for tax evasion or other fiscal irregularities. Companies operating abroad are also encouraged to have multiple citizenships for expanding into new markets and opportunities.

• Do the U.S. allow its citizens to have dual citizenship?
While the U.S. allows U.S. citizens to hold dual citizenship, there are certain things that you need to consider before deciding to become a dual citizen: You will remain a U.S. citizen and a citizen of another country. This can affect your ability to enter the U.S. and can also have an impact on your eligibility for consular services abroad.

• Can you have more than two citizenships?
It depends on the specific laws of any country you are applying for citizenship. While some countries restrict how many citizenships one can hold, few let people have multiple citizenships.

• What is a second passport for?
Second passports are useful when a country has adopted policies that hamper your freedom or even threaten your life. For instance, if you live in China and want to dodge their policy of one child per child, you should consider getting an Irish passport. Similarly, dual citizenships protect you from war-torn areas where it's not safe to be a single national.

Final Words​

As discussed above, getting a second passport is not as difficult as you may think. If you live in a restricted country where dual citizenship is not allowed, then simply apply for citizenship in another country based on your interests. Choosing which passport to get depends upon your requirements and intentions. If you wish to travel, get either an E.U. passport or an American Travel document that gives access to many other countries.