1. K

    Question C2B exchange set up

    Hi everyone, I have an EU company that wants to do crypto exchange. I do not want to deal with licensing right now, the business model would look like this: We would be targeting the clients who want to buy Crypto but do not know how to do it or do not have time to deal with it. We will be...
  2. E

    Expected fee for fiat to crypto

    I offer a service locally where I take people's cash and give them crypto for a fixed fee and am looking to expand to other countries and currently gathering information on the fees other peeps who do the same have,any suggestions on how much the fee is or if anyone knows please lmk
  3. clemens

    What is the best cryptocurrency platform?

    For beginners, what is the best cryptocurrency platform? I know there is kraken, exodus and FTX who all are easy to use. The more advance cryptocurrency trading platforms are binance and similar. Which one do you prefer ?
  4. bastard

    Why does kraken delays exchange from BTC ot FIAT again?

    The last year or so I have not seen the delay from BTC to FIAT. Today I wanted to exchange some of the BTC to FIAT and it is not instant any longer. I have a exchange sitting for the last 10 minutes. Does someone know why they do it?
  5. bastard

    Is there a stable coin that not require ETH on the same account?

    I wonder if there is any Stable Coin that does not require that you have Ethereum on your account? If I use Exodus for instant to exchange BTC to USDC it require me to have a balance on Ethereum. So each time I want to exchange, they take Ethereum :D I don't want to exchange to FIAT each time...
  6. cuno

    How cheap is changelly?

    I want to know if they are the same as Kraken and Binance or if they have much higher exchange rates?
  7. EliasIT

    What is the fastest way to exchange FIAT to USDC ?

    I have 5000 euro I need to exchange to USDC quickly, I would have liked to avoid KYC by reliaze that's not possibl.e I already read here looks like to be the cheapest and...
  8. H

    Established exchange for BVI ltd?

    Good day everyone, Do you happen to know if Coinbase, Kraken or Swissquote would open an account for a BVI company? Wanting to invest into crypto on the corporate level.
  9. M

    Question Someone who exchange wmz to fiat or crypto with good rate?

    Hi, i finding someone who exchange wmz to fiat or crypto with good rate.
  10. F

    Need B2B selling my crypto to FIAT

    Hey, new member here. I am having BTC, ETH and some other cryptos I need to exchange to fiat with a B2B service (so that a company will pay my company via wire (SEPA) or Wise for the coins) - simple reason because even though my business is approved on all major exchanges the bank might flag...
  11. James Spader

    Kraken Platform Review

    If there is one constant in the vast, ongoing, cryptocurrency exchange war, it’s this fact: Kraken is a big dog. Despite fierce competition from feature-rich Coinbase and Binance, Kraken remains a force to be reckoned with due to its large crypto asset catalog, numerous other attractive...
  12. B

    Exchange or website for selling BTC vs EUR/USD

    Hello, I own a company for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and currently I use p2p like localbitcoins, paxful, ... etc. But I want to open my own website to sell cryptocurrency there. I want the site to be very simple and uncomplicated, i want it to have a single interface that shows the...
  13. fanban

    Anyone can get a response from bitstamp?

    I was wondering if anyone has got an response from Bitstamp in regards to statements generated by Mister Tango with them? I need statements and Mister Tango say just contact Bitstamp and ask, no response for 2 months now!! I have send them several reminders. This are the bandits...
  14. O

    Question Merchant account to sell crypto via p2p platforms. Possible?

    Hello, I've been trading on Localbitcoin for a while normally using personal account, however i would like to set up a company (i'll add another question concerning this) to do it professionally. Business model is simple, i buy at a cheap price on Localbitcoin/paxful/binance p2p and i sell...
  15. R - 5 BTC no KYC daily limit have 5 BTC today daily limit, very good feature. Exchange is from 2017 I have not used it that much because Binance had 2 BTC limit. Personally I like using exchange because they filter most "bad" crypto and I don't want get some flagged crypto to wallet. Lastly I was looking for...
  16. C

    New Member Here to discuss everything Crypto business related

    Hi Guys, New member here suffering from 2 serious afflications (esp for someone in Crypto), but don't hold it against me. I hold a US passport and an Indian OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card. While most of my intentions and journey in the next few months will be dedicated to...
  17. B

    Which "company-bank account" combo is best for a crypto exchange business?

    A friend of mine has built a crypto exchange website and app which has been live for the past 6 months with nothing but positive feedback from customers. They are upgrading the platform and many investors have agreed to invest in the company in exchange for equity in the US company. The problem...
  18. lory

    Bitcoin exchange service, good or bad?

    Someone used They advertise on the forum so I wonder if someone has experience with them, or have thump up / down?
  19. James Spader

    Exchange service like Exodus without KYC but cheaper, does it exists?

    I'm looking for an exchange "wallet" or service similar to - it's fantastic but at some point to expensive. As an example, if I want to exchange 3000 EURO worth USDC to Ethereum Classic then I only get 2500 that's 500 euro in fees!! Can't this be done cheaper?
  20. fanban

    What dump Canadian has provided kyc to a crypto exchange?

    I read today that crypto exchange Coinsquare ordered to hand thousands of customers' records to Canadian tax agency!!! I'm asking my self what dump **** has provided KYC to an exchange and is not reporting his cryptos, is this...