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  1. O

    Question Merchant account to sell crypto via p2p platforms. Possible?

    Hello, I've been trading on Localbitcoin for a while normally using personal account, however i would like to set up a company (i'll add another question concerning this) to do it professionally. Business model is simple, i buy at a cheap price on Localbitcoin/paxful/binance p2p and i sell...
  2. R

    www.kucoin.com - 5 BTC no KYC daily limit

    www.kucoin.com have 5 BTC today daily limit, very good feature. Exchange is from 2017 I have not used it that much because Binance had 2 BTC limit. Personally I like using exchange because they filter most "bad" crypto and I don't want get some flagged crypto to wallet. Lastly I was looking for...
  3. C

    New Member Here to discuss everything Crypto business related

    Hi Guys, New member here suffering from 2 serious afflications (esp for someone in Crypto), but don't hold it against me. I hold a US passport and an Indian OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card. While most of my intentions and journey in the next few months will be dedicated to...
  4. B

    Which "company-bank account" combo is best for a crypto exchange business?

    A friend of mine has built a crypto exchange website and app which has been live for the past 6 months with nothing but positive feedback from customers. They are upgrading the platform and many investors have agreed to invest in the company in exchange for equity in the US company. The problem...
  5. lory

    Bitcoin exchange service, good or bad?

    Someone used https://alterxe.com/ They advertise on the forum so I wonder if someone has experience with them, or have thump up / down?
  6. Admin

    Exchange service like Exodus without KYC but cheaper, does it exists?

    I'm looking for an exchange "wallet" or service similar to Exodus.io - it's fantastic but at some point to expensive. As an example, if I want to exchange 3000 EURO worth USDC to Ethereum Classic then I only get 2500 that's 500 euro in fees!! Can't this be done cheaper?
  7. fanban

    What dump Canadian has provided kyc to a crypto exchange?

    I read today that crypto exchange Coinsquare ordered to hand thousands of customers' records to Canadian tax agency!!! https://www.coindesk.com/coinsquare-canada-tax-customer-records I'm asking my self what dump fuck has provided KYC to an exchange and is not reporting his cryptos, is this...
  8. erni

    Some tried CEX.IO they are supported by AdvCash!

    I wonder if anyone has tried to use the exchange: https://cex.io/buysell Wonder how much one is able to buy using a credit card for their fill up? Someone know which credit card provider they are using? I mean, merchant account / payment gateway?
  9. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Question Get physical cash for Bitcoin

    Let's say I have a good amount of Bitcoin to my name. How could I get physical cash for my Bitcoin? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. lory

    Does PayPal let their users buy / exchange crypto already?

    I was wondering if PayPal already let their users buy/sell or exchange cryptocurrency? Logging in to my account I can't see anything yet about crypto, I believe they took USA first!
  11. lory

    Fastest and most hassle free way to exchange 200 euro into btc or other crypto?

    The title says it already, what would be the fastest and most hassle free (uncomplicated) way to exchange 200 euro into BTC or other cryptocurrency? Is there any service that would be able to do that, the money could either come from PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer or another wallet.
  12. Serge

    Crypto Exchange that accepts Paysera?

    Hello Gentlemen, I was wondering if anyone here knows a crypto exchange that accepts Paysera? Thanks.
  13. W

    Question BTC for cash exchange services in Cyprus

    Hello, Can someone recommend a reliable service provider in Cyprus? Thank you
  14. John82

    Question Fiat to Crypto from SWIFT company details

    I need to send funds to a crypto exchange, I have a company with swift details, the bank is crypto-friendly. Please advise a good exchanger with not complicated KYC. For example, the Kraken works fine, but KYC procedures will take about a month, and the withdrawal is only through Ethana Custody...
  15. boomy

    What is better, Binance or Kraken?

    Guys I need your input, which exchange is the better Binance or Kraken if you want to trade some of the major cryptos e.g. Bitcoin, Etherium and XRP ? For me it is very easy to use kraken, I never tried Binance but heard that every Jo is using them for professional use?
  16. allthewayup

    Crypto Exchange & Virtual Bank for Colombia?

    What exchange is good to use for Colombian residents? Or also a virtual Bank account that i can use a Bank card thank you in advance
  17. tradingworldwide321

    Which exchangers can make FIAT to Crypto - Crypto to FIAT? NO P2P

    Dear readers. I hope you are doing well. I have resolved an issue about banking when receiving crypto payments to my company. Now I face a problem where I would like to get your guidance. Let me explain the situation so you can understand it better: 1. I am citizen and resident of Colombia...
  18. G

    How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange

    Hello, I want you to answer a few questions about the account of the online cryptocurrency exchange. 1. How do you choose an exchanger (what criteria, preferences)? 2. What problems do you encounter during the exchange? 3. How do you feel about registering for a service? 4. What repels in the...
  19. João Silva

    Can HitBTC be trusted?

    I know both people who say that it´s Ok and people who say it´s a scam.
  20. F

    UK PayPal with online bank access

    Hi I'm spreading the word on behalf of my supplier as I see alot of people are struggling. I've been a longtime buyer from my supp and regurlarly purchase through telegram but you can also get at him on bitify and use escrow. You get UK PayPal account thats mobile, email, bank confirmed so the...
Utopia - P2P ecosystem and payments
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