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Best Eu ecommerce setup (tax friendly)



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I think this could be very usefull for many people, so Masters, please take a look.
The result vary a lot depending on the ingredients of the receipt, like is nothing special on me, many of you will fit at 100%.
(Like there is some consultants and company providers on the forum, is a chance to make business)

Looking for setup the best tax friendly scheme possible in order to drive ecommerce in EU.

No shady business, nothing to hide, so anom& privacy is no mandatory but in the current times, the less the world knows about you the best protected you are.
¿Relocation? open minded in that way, but rather warm & sunny places for residency.
(European nationality so can move freely in Europe).

Like the most important ingredient is residency (contrary to what is generally thought) I was thinking mainly 2 options (inside-outside).
For taxing and stock trading benefits:
- Cyprus (non-dom)
Nice place (warm, sunny) first world, not too expensive, close to many countries and Eu. Friendly taxation like non dom.
- UAE (freelance VISA)
Nice place (maybe too hot in summer), first world with some limitations due religion, medium-high expensive, best airport connections to anywhere. Very friendly taxation.

The big question is where setup the EU company? the best I found is out of date due brexit, using UK LTD, manage business from tax residency through uk ltd and get 97% benefits by dividends (as non uk resident & non conducting business in UK), I don't find other alternative (not even close) with same benefits in EU.
(Cheap setup + Cheap accounting + Almost no taxes)

Which could be the best alternatives for company setup or residency, or both?


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What about Bahrain? UK VAT rules are changing in interesting ways, esp if trade is outside of EU.

Everybody says UAE, but... they forget about Bahrain... You do need to maintain an office there though, with somebody who can appear in a seat at a given time - no startup incubator hot-desking in free-trade zone etc.


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What about this setup ?
2 LLC'S in Texas (1 LLC will collect payment via Stripe/Paypal while the other will charge the first one and cash the money out to me).
this is a suggestion by someone here in this forum
what do u think ?
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