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UPDATE Nov. 2020

Becoming a Mentor Group Gold member separates you from the million of business owners. An all-in-one resource for the serious businessperson, our group provides you with many benefits that quickly earn back the cost of membership. In fact, a single discount on providers’ services can more than pay for the cost of becoming a Mentor Group Gold member. Let’s take a look at the opportunities that make Mentor Group Gold a crucial choice for anyone starting a company, opening a bank account, or seeking a payment gateway.

Guides for the Mentor Group Gold members
Since December 2020 we have collected some of the most interesting information from the mentor group forums and turned them into articles and guides for an easier understanding and an extra service to our Mentor Group Gold members.

This part of the forum is updated on a regular basis or as soon as we have information sufficient to create a new guide.

Most, if not all, of the information provided in the guides is about services, information and tools which are never published on the public forums. We frequently move threads from the public forums into the Mentor Group Gold for various reasons.

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Members of Mentor Group Gold have access to an exclusive database full of high-level service providers, crypto-currency exchanges, payment gateway services, and electronic money institutions. Currently, we have 210 of these service providers available to all Mentor Group Gold members, with more partnerships planned for the near future. Even better, many of our partners provide valuable discounts that can save you more than the cost of membership. We have five providers that currently go so far as to provide a minimum discount of 10% to all our members.

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You don’t want to miss out on all the benefits you get as a Mentor Group Gold member. As we strive for excellence, no doubt our available services will grow. Currently, you can enjoy an array of benefits like:

OffshoreCorpTalk.com - Mentor Group Gold - Resource Section

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worth every single penny to keep the forum running and get best high quality information.

Did upgrade to LIFETIME membership - Does it help you ? ki#¤%
Thank you very much, every penny, helps, your contribution is much appreciated.
made Mentor Group Gold Premium upgrade!

Thank you very much, your support is much appreciated.
Hello Fellow

A few years ago you posted the news
Hi there alley,

We thought we would just like to remind you that there are huge savings to be gained if you use some of the company formation provider you find in the resource section in Mentor Group Gold.

Are you considering setting up a company in one of the following locations so our provider as you will find in Mentor Group Gold offered some really good discounts for our members. It is such a big savings that they are offered exclusively to our Mentor Group Gold members.

This applies to setting up a company in the following countries / regions:
Republic of Georgia
United Kingdom

as well as several more..... often what you pay to join Mentor Group Gold is only a 10th part of what you save by taking advantage of these favorable offers.

Have a nice weekend

Time has gone fast since then, I wonder, are the offers still available there in mentor group ?
can you send me details to payment for premium mentor group ?
All details send to you.
Any difference in Lifetime & premium mentor group gold ?
same forums you get access to, with lifetime you have benefits as an advertiser for services which you don't have with premium.
Hey y'all,

Just gotta share this epic win! About three weeks back, I was stuck in a mess with a Bitcoin trader giving me the runaround. Total nightmare. But guess what? Offshorecorptalk and the legend Member @jafo swooped in and saved the day!

Jafo dropped some serious knowledge bombs, guiding me through the process of reporting the scam and using the forum's rep to shine a spotlight on the situation. Long story short, the trader caved, and I got my cash back.

Update: The original post got moved to Mentor Group Gold, out of the public eye as the trader wanted. Claims he coughed up from his own pocket to save face. Whatever. The real win is justice served and my funds back where they belong.

I only could get this support because of my Mentor Group Gold membership and the extra support that guys in there will have for you, it is worth every single penny!

Huge thanks to everyone, especially @jafo for being a rockstar and also @wellington for posting on that thread and @JohnLocke to cooperate and transferring the thread as I requested.

Cheers to online communities and OCT kicking butt!