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First, i will explain what projects i am working on and what is my plans and what i did till now and why and what i need =D

I am doing IT Consultation and development, including Web App, E-Commerce etc..
mainly i am selling digital products for now ( Scripts, codes, installation services etc..)
all scripts and code are legal, now also i am planning to enter the dropshipping field and branding to extend my work and my money.

so i have made an USA LLC - Delaware not from Stripe as they said IT Consultation is Risky even though i provide them with details of last 6month from paypal that i have only 3 complain and i make a full refund for them with total amount of these 3 was around 25$ out of 10k$ income.

So mainly i am searching for a good payment gateway but for now i didnt find a good solution =(

Stripe > refuse me as non usa person and don't have ssn along with this they require to have a physical address to be in usa

PayPal > hold my money and make a big headache for me and i downgrade back to personal account bcuz they require the account and business to be from same countries

Mollie > they require regular EU bank

Brain > its a paypal company so they dont even reply on emails hhhhhh

i try other high risk but they ask a lot of things and need a lot of documents and at the end, they need 6% fees @@" wth i am selling some products for 5$ hhhh how i suppose to have profit lol

So i found a guy who can do the formation of UK along with paypal and stripe for a cheap price and hopefully i dont get scammed from this lol a friend refer him to me as he help him with stealth PayPal accounts.

so as i understand there is some payment gateways they ask for UK license and they accept that i am from outside EU etc..
so i hope when this process done i can do it

so this my story about this field

now the help I need is following

HOW I can really have a safe company in any place in this WOLD rather than the country I am IN now.

I don't run from tax, I don't mind to pay tax or vat, no issue about the privacy of my name, I am a normal person who wants to get some money to live and pay his expense and be happy with his family.

most of my issues I face with providers is the ADDRESS as they don't accept the format I send them
its legal papers ( Rent Agreement, Bills, Bank statement, Google Map ) they refuse all
and I don't want to cheat and change the address in photoshop etc.. bcuz i need to have clean money clean history I am thinking of migration in future so I need to be clean in any kind of work or business, for example, ePayments they still refuse me bcuz my uploads contain a PO.Box
others are the same
only transferwise team was good while i am explaining for them the situation i have and why government papers have such a format and its like impossible to go to the bank and ask him please make me a statement in this format @@"

so how i can solve this, how i can get a payment gateway that accepts USA LLC and i am not in USA nor i have USA passport, same for UK.

along with that, what is the best formation i can do to protect my self legally ( i mean if problem happens with client or something i need to be in a business form to make my papers, invoice, terms, and contracts legal ) also to show from where i get this money when i transfer to personal bank.

and for why i can't do this kind of work in my living place
because most of the things are not allowed, VPN/Proxies service not allowed, Dealing with Crypto in any kind is not allowed, even though i am just using it to get paid and trade with amount less than 500$ so even i don't plan to get $$$ from this just few $ as profit from transactions fees etc..

my future plan is to target Asian countries and EU along with USA for dropshipping and branding eCommerce.

so i hope its possible to get solution here if not and its require mentor group then no issue i can pay for that, i didn't pay bcuz i just don't know if anyone can help and guide me whether for free or need to pay him.

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