setup to open a crypto trading company need help

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by benji75, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. benji75

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    after reading alot on the forum , it seems that a belize company + emi like mistertango would be the best way to go about it unless I am wrong , would love to hear a pro opinion about it.

    here is a summary of my activity :
    -we receive deposits from various and accredited investors all over the world
    -we send the money to reputed crypto exchanges to trade tokens
    -we convert the tokens back to fiat money from the crypto exchanges and then send it back to our corporate account.

    so things to take into account:
    -the coporate bank account has to accept withdrawals and deposits to crypto exchanges
    -a country where there is no taxation at all with crypto trading
    -we deal with about deposit/withdrawals from 10k to 500k monthly it can be very random

    not sure emi is accepted for deposit and/or withdrawals to crypto exchanges ?

    also if you know someone that can do this work for me at a reasonable cost and with experience you would make my day
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  2. superman

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    we deal with about deposit/withdrawals from 10k to 500k monthly it can be very random -> I don't think that this will work with any EMI.

    take a look what Bank/EMI your competitors use.

    I personally go the regulated way to avoid various headache.
  3. ImKing

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    It's going to be expensive, but AdvCash and MisterTango are some of the best solutions to quickly Exchange FITA to CRYPTO and the oppostie. If you can use these services, you can incorporate a company say in Belize or the Seychelles, it will work great!
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  4. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    ty for the reply do you know any reliable providers that can help set the offshore belize company at affordable price ? only browsing through shady scam ad website on google annoying
  5. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    Most of the corps on Google are valid. I have used offshorecorpgroup.com no problems with them.
  6. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    do you have a phone number cant get in touch with them ?
  7. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    decided to go with them

    I talked with a guy named Juan, I sent him some documents and will update to see how it goes

    hopefully all goes well
  8. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    let's hear what the outcome is.
  9. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    has been 21 days so far they are just telling me to wait.... it should not take more than 4-5 business days to open a company, first opinion is not a good one and today I got a mail from someone else from their team sending me the same documents I filled 21 days ago which leads me to believe that they didnt even start the process....

    I am pretty angry but should have known when it s cheap it comes with the perks :O

    I am giving them until end of next week which will make it a month and I will move forward hopefully someone here can recommend me someone better to open my offshore crypto-company with the possibility to open a bank account and not having to go through mistertango....
  10. Admin

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    And you had any update so far?

    Delays happen and you may get that experience regardless who you are going with.

    Have always been satisfied with them :)
  11. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    just got an answer from them this saturday with half the papers finally after 25 days.... yet still waiting for the registry of commerce papers... they told me it should arrive beginning of this week...

    let's see
  12. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    btw if you guys know of a friendly crypto bank that will let you open a corporate bank account with an offshore company please let me know

    finding the graal is actually more easy than this atm...
  13. benji75

    benji75 New Member

    update : still waiting to get back certificate of incumbency... and status were given without apostille so I am still waiting a reply from them for that matters...

    I dont know why they refuse to give you a phone number so you can talk to them and speed things up instead of having to wait each 24 one single reply to ask you more documents... but whatever.

    I will update in the few days but as a customer you feel poorly treated once you paid, not asking for the moon, just a phone number so you can see what is missing from your part and their part.